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$6.00 per book. 

Purchase them at the golf meetings, scramble and golf events

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The Sands RV Women's and and Men's Golf Clubs are located at the Sands RV and Golf Resort.  The golf and social benefits are great.  The Ladies golf once a week on Tuesday and the men golf once a week on Wednesdays.  On Friday's we have a scramble with the men and women with lunch afterwards.  There are several tournaments during the season and an awards banquet at the end of the season.  The men and ladies have invitationals and there is also a CAN/AM (Canadian/American) tournament.




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Sands RV Women’s and Men's Golf Club Membership


2015 – 2016 Season: November - March

Every Tuesday is Women’s Golf Day and every Wednesday is Men's golf.  Tee times for women  start at 7:45 AM and the men start at 7:00 AM. Cost is $2.00, which goes toward the prizes for that day’s golf game. (You pay green fees directly to the Sands Pro Shop.) Watch the bulletin board near #9 for information, sign-up sheets, and tee times before events.  Tee times are also on this website.


Meetings are held at 9am for the men and 1pm for the women in the Oasis Hall the first Tuesday of each month. If there is a tournament on the first Tuesday, the meeting will be held on the Tuesday of the previous week.


You must have an established handicap with the Sands RV Golf Course to partake in prizes. To establish a USGA/RCGA handicap, you must have 20 games posted. The best 10 scores of the most recent 20 are taken into consideration in calculating your handicap. A temporary handicap can be given after 5 games, but as the computer picks the best score out of the 5, it is in your best interest to post as many games as soon as possible.  Please put your scorecards with your site number in the mailbox off #9 green.


Ladies Club Dues:  Please see Treasurer, Peggy Shippen, site #32 to pay your annual $20 dues.  

Her email is and her phone is 541-686-8619.


Mens Club Dues:  Please see Treasurer, Greg Little, site #483 to pay your annual $25 dues.

His email is and his phone is 435-817-0739.

 Email us at

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